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September 21, 2023

“His Fight is Our Fight,” King Says in Response to Zelenskyy Visit to Capitol Hill

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Today, U.S. Senator Angus King released the following statement after Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy visited Capitol Hill to speak with lawmakers:

“For over a year and a half, Ukraine has bravely defended its freedom and its sovereignty from a bloody, unprovoked invasion by an autocratic dictator. Putin believed he would quickly defeat his neighbor, rebuild the Soviet Union, and divide the Free World, but on every count, he has failed. While this war has waged longer than expected, it is because of the undeniable fortitude of the Ukrainian people, and the support of the global community, that freedom and democracy will prevail.

“While weapons are launched to counter the ruthless Russian aggression, let’s be clear: they are also sending a signal to all opponents of freedom-loving people. If we waver, China will take note; if we don’t continue showing resolve, North Korea will see opportunity. We have seen dictators in the past, and their endgame is dominance, not democracy.

“As I’ve told Maine people and said to President Zelenskyy in January, his fight is our fight – and that’s why we must provide the Ukrainians with what they need to defend themselves. If we don’t, dictatorship will spread—just like we saw in the lead up to World War II.

“Thomas Jefferson, after writing the Declaration of Independence, swore eternal hostility against tyranny over the mind of man.  Fighting tyranny, and deterring tyrannical aims, is a founding principle of this nation – and it’s nothing less than the current stakes we face.”

Senator King has been a vocal advocate of supporting the ‘will to fight’ of the Ukrainian people against Russian aggression. In January, King visited Zelenskyy in Ukraine to understand the dynamics on the ground. He has also continuously questioned international experts on Putin’s strategy and how to best support Ukraine.


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