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November 28, 2018

King Votes to Advance Legislative Effort to End U.S. Support for Saudi Engagement in Yemen

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, U.S. Senator Angus King (I-Maine), a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee and the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, voted to advance Senate Joint Resolution 54, directing the President to remove U.S. Armed Forces from the ongoing civil war in Yemen pursuant to the 1973 War Powers Resolution. This resolution would not impact important U.S. counter-terrorism efforts in Yemen. The resolution was advanced by a vote of 63 to 37. The civil war, which is between the Saudi-led coalition and the Houthis in Yemen, has led to mass civilian casualties, and reports indicate that as many as 85,000 children may have died of starvation in Yemen since the war began.

“The civil war in Yemen has created one of the most serious humanitarian disasters in recent history,” said Senator King. “Too many civilians – especially children – have already died as a result of the war between the Saudi Arabia-led coalition and Iranian-backed Houthis. The United States should not be complicit in this tragedy – that’s why I voted in March to end our limited support for the Saudi-led coalition, and why I voted the same way today. I reiterate the call for all parties to seek a diplomatic solution to resolve this political and humanitarian crisis.”                                                                 

Senator King had previously voted to advance SJ Res 54 in March, but the resolution was tabled by a vote of 55-44. The resolution directing the President to remove U.S. Armed Forces from the conflict in Yemen does not apply to ongoing American counter-terrorism efforts in Yemen, and would allow U.S. forces conducting counter-terrorism operations against Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula to continue their work. The Senate will now begin debating the resolution and possible amendments. A vote on final passage of the resolution may occur as late as next week.


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