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National Security

Where I Stand

As threats from adversaries like Russia and China grow, it is absolutely essential that America continues to protect democracy at home and around the globe. This starts with investing in our servicemembers and families – the most critical part of our national defense. We have a responsibility to serve our men and women in uniform. That means ensuring they receive appropriate pay, benefits, and family support.

Strategic partnerships are also crucial in maintaining peace and security. With autocrats challenging institutions, and the Arctic becoming more accessible, alliances like NATO and those in the Indo-Pacific are essential for promoting peace and democracy across the globe and deterring would-be aggressors. Without these crucial partnerships, dictators could feel emboldened to challenge the sovereignty of friendly nations.

Potential adversaries know that we have the capacity and the will to impost an unacceptable price on the irresponsive to aggressive.

Along with the important partnerships, the war in Ukraine has demonstrated the need for stable investments in our defense manufacturing supply chains to stockpile weapons and machinery. Maine is home to many key contributors to our nation’s defense with Bath Iron Works and Portsmouth Naval Shipyard providing our servicemembers the “best built” tools they need to protect the country. These investments are critical – providing them the consistent contracts they need to continue their excellent work.

A modernized nuclear arsenal and infrastructure is also necessary to prevent nuclear conflicts, and stop bad actors and terrorist groups from developing or acquiring Weapons of Mass Destruction.

What I've Done

  • Serve on the Armed Services and Intelligence Committees.
    • Chairman of the Strategic Forces Subcommittee.
  • Passed multiple National Defense Authorization Acts, the annual defense bills, that have addressed our most pressing national security needs – from modernizing our nuclear capabilities to providing for the support of our troops.
  • Secured several multiyear authorizations for DDG-51 destroyers, the workhorse of the Navy, that Bath Iron Works can compete to build.
  • Supported pay increases and workforce protection for our servicemembers.
  • Met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, and other top foreign leaders, to reaffirm the United States’ commitment to freedom and democracy across the globe.