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Known for its rocky coastline, rolling mountains, forested interior and picturesque waterways, the Pine Tree State has something for everyone. With “Dirigo,” or “I lead” as our state motto, Maine and its citizens embody a can-do strength of character and an unfailing spirit of perseverance that has inspired our strong tradition of independence, leadership, and innovation for generations. 

It’s a reputation that has been hard-earned by Mainers, who have always forged creative solutions to the day’s most pressing issues. By utilizing natural resources, Maine’s fishers, farmers, and foresters laid the foundations of economic growth for years to come. Maine communities have continued to maintain their strength through the pursuit of new opportunities combining the state’s traditional economic bastions with 21st century technological advancements. Today, Maine is a leader in defense-related industries, hosts a vibrant high tech sector, sits at the forefront of renewable energy development, and is home to a dynamic artisan community.  Steeped in a cultural richness engendered by extraordinary people, the quality of life here is unmatched by anywhere else in the country, Maine is simply “The Way Life Should Be.”

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For generations people from across the country have traveled to Maine to enjoy its natural beauty, cultural richness, and cadence of life. For more information on places to stay, eat, and explore check out the Maine Office of Tourism Website. Providing the most up to date and comprehensive information, the folks at the Tourism Office are delighted to help you plan your trip!

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