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Supporting State and Local Governments

Supporting State and Local Governments

Maine will receive nearly $1.5 billion in aid to state, county, and local governments through the American Rescue PlanThe funding includes more than $997 million to the State of Maine, more than $221 million to support Maine’s county governments, and a combined total of nearly $241 million for local governments. These funds are already being put to good use, with Governor Mills recently announcing $139 million in American Rescue Plan funds directed to support small businesses and Maine jobs. 

The funding is allocated as follows: 

State government

    - The State of Maine will receive $997,495,130.10

County governments

    - Androscoggin County will receive $21,031,538.00

    - Aroostook County will receive $13,024,648.00

    - Cumberland County will receive $57,300,874.00

    - Franklin County will receive $5,865,802.00

    - Hancock County will receive $10,680,580.00

    - Kennebec County will receive $23,755,730.00

    - Knox County will receive $7,725,245.00

    - Lincoln County will receive $6,727,248.00

    - Oxford County will receive $11,260,964.00

    - Penobscot County will receive $29,552,965.00

    - Piscataquis County will receive $3,260,289.00

    - Sagadahoc County will receive $6,964,608.00

    - Somerset County will receive $9,805,925.00

    - Waldo County will receive $7,714,173.00

    - Washington County will receive $6,095,003.00

    - York County will receive $40,331,830.00

Local governments:

    - Auburn will receive $13,545,799

    - Bangor will receive $20,478,297

    - Biddeford will receive $9,759,098

    - Lewiston will receive $20,970,428

    - Portland will receive $46,290,652

    - South Portland will receive $10,498,362

    - Smaller cities and towns will receive a total of $119,223,764

For more information about these state and local funds, you can find a FAQ here