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Government Affairs

Freedom, justice, and equality are the pillars upon which our nation’s was founded, but putting these ideas into practice takes work, and executing the vision of our forefathers requires persistent attention. Every American has a right to know their elected officials – what they stand for, who is financing their campaigns, their legislative agenda – in order to better determine if that person’s character and actions reflect their interests. The accountability of those we entrust to govern is guaranteed through the transparency of our democratic process. By keeping our promise to the American people, and providing free and fair elections, we enable all members of society to have a voice in ensuring the future integrity of our democracy.

As a member of the Senate Rules Committee, I have chaired hearings looking to address the issue of money in politics and have also introduced legislation to increase transparency in our campaign finance system. I remain dedicated to the principal that good government represents the interests of all people , not just a privileged few.