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As a member of the Energy and Natural Resources Committee, I’m hard at work to create a brighter energy future for America while also protecting our environment for generations to come. I believe that our national energy policy must promote the responsible use of domestic resources in a way that promises their continued existence. Crafting such a policy requires us to recognize that there is no silver bullet, and in the near term, a “Made-in-America” strategy will require a combination of improved efficiency and smarter use of existing fuel resources alongside increased investment in renewables and the next generation of energy technologies.

I believe we need to increase our focus on domestic energy production so that we can continue to create jobs and keep our energy dollars at home. While Maine has had limited direct benefits from the traditional fossil fuel based economy, our state is well positioned to contribute to and benefit from the growing clean energy economy with our ample hydropower, wind, and biomass resources. Maine is also proud to have the first-in-the-nation tidal power turbine and soon the first floating offshore wind turbines. 

An important part of building Maine’s energy future involves new technologies, like solar, wind power and battery storage, that can limit our dependence on fossil fuels, reduce the environmental footprint of our energy system, and make our energy grid more resilient and reliable.

  • I have advanced the Securing Energy Infrastructure Act and I have worked to protect the electric grid from attack and disruption as well as further the development of the technologies and solutions that will increase the resilience of our electric grid.
  • I have fought to protect and increase funding for crucial programs, like the Low-Income Heating and Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) and the Weatherization Assistance Program, which keep Maine homes heated and insulated during the toughest times of the year. I have also worked to make these programs more flexible for people in Maine as they make important home energy decisions
  • introduced the Natural Gas Consumer Protection Act, which requires consumer interests to be prioritized when considering changes to the nation’s natural gas imports and prospective exports. Without this consumer advocacy, large companies could be free to embark on energy schemes that could drastically increase energy prices for people across Maine.
  • I successfully secured a provision to streamline the treatment of biomass by federal agencies and to ensure proper recognition of biomass as a sustainable resource.
  • I have fought for tax credits to promote the use of energy-efficient biomass heating systems.