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Environment & Climate Change

Environment & Climate Change

One of the greatest threats of our time is climate change, and as a policymaker I believe we have a duty to confront this monumental problem. That is why I consistently support policies that promote clean energy to help reduce carbon output, and I take every opportunity I can to discuss the realities of climate change science with skeptics.  

I believe we have an obligation to leave our children and grandchildren a healthy and thriving planet. In addition to clean energy initiatives, I am an ardent supporter of key federal environmental programs, like the EPA’s Brownfields Program, and I have fought for sufficient funding for these programs so that they can continue to keep our country and our state clean and safe for future generations.   

I am committed to protecting the integrity of Maine’s environment and that of the nation – and to providing access to it. Outdoor recreation is not only an important part of our cultural history, but it is also a pillar of our state economy. Every year people from across the country come to visit and enjoy all that Maine’s mountains, rivers, lakes, and coastal waterways have to offer, and I am committed to ensuring that this cherished tradition continues.

  • introduced legislation that would protect consumers who contribute clean energy to the electricity grid.
  • supported the establishment of a National Monument in Maine that reflects Maine values and the input of the local community, and I have fought to protect its status for future generations.
  • I have fought for funding for and improvement to the Environmental Protection Agency’s Brownfields Program, which helps many regions of Maine recover from the pollution from hazardous materials.
  • I have consistently advocated for the permanent authorization of the Land and Water Conservation Fund.