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Budgets are about priorities. They list what we care about, and in dollar amounts, they quantify how much we care. As an annual framework for federal spending and revenue levels, the budget helps chart a path toward fiscal responsibility and the overall health of our economy.  Like so many Americans, I am amazed that Congress – more often than not – chooses to run the country on short-term, haphazard budgets. Our businesses and communities cannot afford such unsustainable practices. 

As a member of the Senate Budget Committee, I have been committed to working with my colleagues - from both sides of the aisle - to find solutions that chart a serious and credible path to broad-based economic growth. I have prioritized taking an evenhanded approach to budgeting, reversing sequestration cuts and their harmful effects, and establishing a smarter, more functional budget process. Responsibly confronting our long-term fiscal challenges will require a balanced approach that allows for responsible, targeted cuts to domestic discretionary spending programs; increases in new revenue; and reforms that slow the growth in programs like Medicare and Medicaid – without compromising the quality in care.

  • As part of my ongoing efforts to provide permanent sequester relief, I co-authored a fiscal year 2016 budget amendment, which was approved with bipartisan support, that would promote economic growth and reduce the debt and deficit by striking an appropriate balance between spending reductions and revenue increases.  
  • In a push to help Congress return to regular order and its fundamental task of governing, I joined a bipartisan group of colleagues on legislation that would shift Congress from a one-year to a two-year budgeting and appropriations cycle. Sixty-eight senators voted for an amendment to the FY14 Senate Budget Resolution, which would establish a biennial budget and appropriations process. 
  • In recognition of my efforts to place the country on a better fiscal and economic path, I was named a Fiscal Hero by the nonpartisan Campaign to Fix the Debt.